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Warm Front Coming… Looking at Final Proposal

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My decision to move from Marion to Indianapolis remains in the hands of yours truly as I obtained a lot more more information including three apartment complex leasing applications and from what I saw while I was in Indianapolis, judging from the hundreds of individuals I’ve come across. It’s becoming clear that Indianapolis is seriously reinventing  itself into a ‘World Class City’. Since 2010, Indianapolis LGBT community leaders is a “special interest group” that is attracting those to make sure Indianapolis is the largest LGBT community in Indiana, knocking Bloomington to the second-largest. Recently, while I was in Downtown Indianapolis to look at progress on 16 Park and Milkman on Mass, that indicated to me that those apartment complexes will serve primarily as a boon to the city’s LGBT community  and, secondarily, as a lure for a LGBT Community Centre from what I’ve seen in Pittsburgh. To me, that serves as a finalized formal proposal.
While I was at the Indiana State Fair, my BFF Holly presented me with the economic package that potentially the LGBT community leaders in Indianapolis say hope will sway Ava Zinn, yours truly, to move to Indianapolis. Holly put the final touches on the proposal.
Officials assume that I will keep my promise to meet with Marion officials in the coming weeks and after that make some sort of decision and the conclusion I think I would come to.
Meanwhile in Marion, I have been presented with a counter-offer that’s being hammered out. Both Marion and Indianapolis have offered according to reports offered promising deals. In Marion, Ava would attend IVY Tech while in Indianapolis, a 2010 offer was made to lure Ava to Franklin University of Ohio in Castleton. “Indianapolis’ been patient and Indianapolis’ going to remain patient. We’re just waiting on Ms. Zinn’s final decision.”:
There are reports though that indicate that I have plans to have a meeting in Fort Wayne who want me to move to the second largest municipality in Indiana. “We anticipate an agreement in principle within the next couple of months. In the event we don’t reach an agreement by then, we will withdraw our offer.” Basically in a shouting match with homophobias recently since I’ve denied making a deal to move to Fort Wayne.

I continued discussions with several cities hungry for this LGBT individual (Chicago, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, South Bend, Lafayette, Bloomington, Muncie, Anderson, and Kokomo) eventually narrowing the list of cities to two, Fort Wayne and Indianapolis. Preliminary talks seemed promising. Fort Wayne was offering a below market rate to attend IPFW. But when word of a scheduled meeting leaked out and was reported by the sources, I simply canceled. Meanwhile, Indianapolis and officials at Franklin University of Ohio’s Castleton campus, were lobbying to bring yours truly to Indianapolis.
EDITOR’s NOTE: The title was named Warm Front Coming after I saw a billboard indicating that former WISH-TV meterologist Anglea Buchman will make her debut on WTHR (Channel 13) on September 3, 2013.

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