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Posted By : Ava Zinn
Ava Zinn's Vote for the Girls: 122 bleeps used among three YouTube videos

Often times since I launched Vote for the Girls on this web site as a campaign that since moved to its own URL, there will be cross promotions between VFTG and AvaZinn.com.
Last Tuesday, while I was recording a VFTG episode, there were at least 55 bleeps used to mask the swearing.

But the following two nights, approximately 70 more were added.

In summation, it is pretty much may be official since everyone around Marion will describe yours truly as a foul-mouth transwoman. On Vote for the Girls, when you are passionate on a pick to win the singing competition, that kind of behavior depicted in these three YouTube clips are necessary. Many people will probably tell you, “Wow, Ava Zinn is like the Gordon Ramsay of American Idol.” A web site like VFTG are run on emotions, during the American Idol 12 finale was a clear example. I might get upset, but most of all it is not 100 percent personal.

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