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Santa Ava Christmas 2012: The Stakes are Much HIGHER

The 2012 Santa Ava began with the announcement of the most personal prize and the largest ever offered in 20 years…. The Best of Nice present is valued at a quarter-thousand dollars ($250) that includes an 8 x 10 autographed photo of Ava Zinn (yours truly) valued at $35.

With such a coveted prize on the line, I designed a diverse set challenges and added a new category to the Santa Ava Christmas list–Dishonorable Mention. I did say at the beginning of 2012 "the stakes are higher than in years past."

My co-workers and superiors at Carey Services dominated early on in 2012 and reaped amazing rewards and enjoying superior months as well. While there was early success–trouble was also brewing as two different alliances were formed  and then a windstorm on the afternoon of June 29, 2012 really sank yours truly.

Over at Cornerstone/CSP a very difficult territory. The superiors and alliances may have had less trouble, but also had fewer satisfactory results with Santa Ava. They had problems in the month, that lead to three individuals that had immunity for the first semester to win mostly by default. 

When yours truly added AT&T's U-verse High Speed Internet (in addition to receiving over-the-air television) as her television provider, Cornerstone/CSP had a bit of success, but also had a lot of the drama. Even though this crop of candidates had their share of problems, never before in the twenty year history of Santa Ava has there ever been a group of candidates fight so hard to win Santa Ava's Best of Nice.

In the end, Santa Ava will have worthy candidates and may have an all-female Best of Nice since 2000 (season 8). At Cornerstone/CSP, four finalists are in the running to win her very first Santa Ava Best of Nice Award. Two individuals there–Ann Leavitt and Ava's Landlady–have worked with yours truly for nearly a decade and never recieved the Best of Nice Award. Last year, Ann, Ava's Landlady, and Tina Sumner landed naughty, but earned immunity for the first and second quarters since Melanie Amaro won the X Factor, and since Jessica Sanchez did not win American Idol nor a fellow auditioner from Pittsburgh made the Top 5–yet Christina Wilson won season 10 of Hell's Kitchen and Christine Ha won season 3 of MasterChef, I gave Ann, Tina, and the landlady immunity for the third quarter and will be at least Santa Ava Honorable Mention to their very first Santa Ava Best of Nice. Meanwhile over at Carey Services, the colleagues and superiors have done well (despite the fact I have only been able to attend 12 times out of 74 in the first three quarters of 2012.)

BEST OF NICE ($250 Value)
NICE ($50 Value)
  • 8×10 Autographed Photo of Aeverine Zinn ($35 value)
  • Two Christmas Cards with two candy canes attached on each card ($4 value)
  • Three stocking stuffers ($6 value)
  • Three bags of Weaver Popcorn ($1.50 value)
  • Three Bags of Orville Redenacher's Popcorn ($3.50 value)
  • $200 Ava Zinn credit 
  • TWO Invitation to AVA ZINN's 30th BIRTHDAY PARTY
  • 5×7 Autographed Photo of Aeverine Zinn ($10 value)
  • One Christmas Cards with one candy canes attached on card ($1 value)
  • One stocking stuffer ($2 value)
  • Two bags of Weaver Popcorn ($1 value)
  • One Bag of Orville Redenacher's Popcorn ($1 value)
  • $35 Ava Zinn credit
  • 4×6 Autographed Photo of Aeverine Zinn ($5 value)
  • One Christmas Cards with THREE candy canes attached on card ($1.50 value)
  • One bag of Weaver Popcorn ($1 value)
  • $17.50 Ava Zinn credit
NAUGHTY ($5 Value)
  • One Christmas Cards ($0.50 value)
  • One bag of Weaver Popcorn ($.50 value)
  • Two liters of Non-Store Brand Cola ($2 value)
  • $7 Ava Zinn credit
  • Two liters of Store Brand Cola ($1 value)
  • Two packs of M&M's ($2.50 value)
  • Five unsweetened chocolate balls
  • $1.50 Ava Zinn Credit
  • Five unsweetened chocolate balls
  • A humilaiting surprise from Santa Ava

The Honorable Mention category, added to Santa Ava in 2011, is an important Santa Ava award for those who distinguished themselves by acts of high bravery, but did not earn Best of Nice or Nice, but did exceed Best of Naughty, another category to Santa Ava in 2004. The Honorable Mention is in fact a worthy award in determining how the individual work not just during the final two months of the calendar year, but throughout the whole year as well. The 2012 Honorable Mention prize is a 4 x 6 autographed photo of yours truly plus a Christmas card with not one, not two, but THREE CANDY CANES attached

The newest Dishonorable Mention category is even worse than naughty on Santa Ava and is more unusual things in Christmas. In addition to receiving a no Christmas Card and just getting five golf-ball size unsweetened chocolate and low sugar, the individual also has to do ridiculous tasks between Christmas and January 4 of the following year. In one case, Santa Ava may ask one of Best of Nice or Nice individual to throw an entire pumpkin pie at the the dishonorable mention's face a man; in another, Santa Ava may buy a bra/panty set or pants (depending on the gender or gender identity of the dishonorable mention) and Santa Ava incinerates the pair of pants. Such decisions depend upon the seriousness of the offense. A notable example occurred on December 25, 1996 (Santa Ava Season 4) when Santa Ava (then a male) not only did award a Christmas prize to anyone (there was no one declared nice or even best of nice and everyone was naughty), but Santa Margaret (Ava's mother) threw a container of whipped topping onto Santa Ava's face and Elf Albert (Ava's brother) bitch-slapped Ava and kicked Ava's privates. The 1996 incident eventually lead to the Best of Naughty category being added in 2004.

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