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Posted By : Ava Zinn
Aeverine Zinn Rsponds to Grant Blackford Mental Health's demands (8/30/2012)

MARION, IN (August 30, 2012) – Aeverine ZInn today sent the attached letter to members of mental health giant Grant Blackford Mental Health (GBMHI) to respond to the inaccurate and outrageous claims made by their decision to literally put the lives of my family in danger. I am releasing a copy of its letter to the public because GBMHI, in a continuing effort to publicly air private business negotiations, publicly released the letter it sent.

GBMHI’s efforts represent nothing more than the desperate attempt of a private enterprise to seek illegal assistance to remedy its failure to reach agreement during private negotiations. Given that well-established policies, local ordinances, state statues and laws among public and private employers already exist which clearly provides that such employer (personal or company) adopt a policy are simply ordinary course of the employer’s reputation.

Although it may be GBMHI’s belief (as stated in its letter) that “any objective observer would have to concede that Aeverine Zinn’s treatment of GBMHI has been unreasonable and unlawful,”

Aeverine Zinn believes that the fact that two such objective observers – an Indiana court and the ACLU – have reached precisely the opposite conclusion would suggest that GBMHI’s belief is completely incorrect.


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