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Posted By : Ava Zinn
Ava Zinn on Facebook: Nobody saw this coming
In a surprise of 2012 so far, Aeverine Zinn (yours truly) unfriended five individuals on Facebook Saturday night.
As your truly nominated the five individuals: Criag Markley, Brandon Jones, Dannielle Dooley, and Amber Dooley, other Facebook friends shouted “no” and other close friends of Zinn looked stunned. Robyn Hurd, on the verge of tears, said she was surprised and speechless.
If Hoosiers didn’t respond, they certainly did after the results. Ava’s Facebook chat lit up instantly with messages of outrage and disbelief.

My reasons for unfriending the five individuals:

Danniele Dooley – “Dannielle finally found her voice with me. Unfortunately, it was when she was being unfrinded”

Brandon Jones – “Brandon’s lack of fight-back told me he’s not ready to continue as a FB friend. The remaining FB friends need to know it’s not about what they’ve done in the past. It’s what they do here that counts.”

Amber Dooley – “The only thing bigger than Amber’s ego are the lies she tells, and I can’t have that in my FB profile.”

Craig Markey – “When 2012 first started, I thought Craig was the one to beat. But after tonight’s dismal posts, he’s now the one sent packing.”

Mary Lamb – “Mary didn’t let her lack of LGBT community  experience get in the way. She made it this far because of her passion and determination. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t enough to get her into 2013.”

Of course, the surviving Facebook friends were pretty vocal after the news that I had unfriended the five.

Nakoa: People who say negative things about others are just ignorant

Robyn Hurd : Of course I am sad for the five individuals that Ava gave the boot to and what was worse that two of them were (my) acquaintances. But Ava, I think it was something you needed to do and bit the bullet.

Hillary Matthewson (Robyn’s transgendered wife): Exactly what happens when a transgirl is pushed severely to her limit or breaking point. I’m wondering, Ava, is that has what made a record unfriending. Five individuals getting unfriended over something that could have been easily resolved.

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