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Posted By : Ava Zinn
CAUGHT IN THE ACT: Discrimination at Dollar Tree

I have apparently caught an employee of the Marion Dollar Tree in violation of “Indiana’s Transgender Law” of 2003. The law clearly states to use the name and pronoun preferred by the transgender person – in this case, referring to her as Ava and using female pronouns (and using appropriate facilities).
I took a survey at Dollar Tree’s web site after looking at my receipt and told them about my dissatisfying experience.

I actually became a victim of discrimination based on my gender identity. I am currently living as a woman and apparently I used the men’s restroom — and I felt humiliated. That is why I have to rate my visit to the Marion Dollar Tree unsatisfied. I am a 28 year old transgendered woman, and living as a woman means using the women’s restroom. I usually use the unisex restroom at other stores (shown while I was at Meijer) , and apparently when I had to use the restroom, I expected to use the women’s restroom and clearly that did not happen.
What I would like to see happen is that Dollar Tree be more respectful to the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) community at all stores. I have posted the alleged discrimination on a post on my web site at AvaZinn.com.

I am sorry to say this, Dollar Tree, but you discriminated your last transgendered individual. You have no respect for the LGBT community.I never, ever want to see that kind of discrimination like that again.
This is not the first time it has happened – It has happened at the Grant County Rescue in 2006.
This is considered to be disrespect, and everyone that knows yours trluy (whether you’re an acquaintance from Ole Miss, NoSirGifts, and/or Carey Services or a friend or a family member of yours truly), referring to Aeverine Zinn as a woman and using feminine pronouns. But if you are caught addressing yours truly and of if I hear someone referring to Aeverine Zinn as a male using male pronouns (I know some of you from Ole Miss and a few family members have had a hard time adjusting to the change–and this is why a documentary called “THE BIG SWITCH TO AVA” will be shown in May of 2011 on YouTube and on Veoh) – YOU WILL GET CAUGHT, YOU WILL BE FINED 75 CENTS PER INCIDENT, AND BE NICELY TO REFER AEVERINE “AVA” ZINN AS A WOMAN AND USING FEMININE PRONOUNS.

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