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FANS and FRIENDS: Sharply divided reaction to Ava's New Open Relationship, Past Relationship Conspiracy Theroies Emerge

Is Aeverine Zinn really in a relationship with Chrsity Johnson? A few of my friends and fans sure don’t seem to think so. With a heavy rooting interest on the part of my friends and fans toward loyalty being such an integral part of what makes the my life formula work, some fans of mine are bound to zealously claim that I apparently went too far in a certain direction, or worse, that my system and policies themselves are fixed or rigged by myself in order to ensure that the results give it the kinds of ratings bonanzas it thrives on. While such claims have generally turned out to not have been backed up by any actual evidence approved by yours truly, claims of rigged posting have sprung up since June.

Specifically, the claims revolve around my past relationships as multiple commentors have nonetheless made the same claim thus far (although that of course doesn’t confirm that all of them saw it with their own eyes or even that it happened). Claiming that the posting process is rigged is the Zinn equivalent of claiming that the football referees are attempting to throw the game with their calls. The claims are bound to come from long-time frineds and fans of Nieves, apparently frustrated  – and could spread like wildfire.

To sweeten the pot, I will be posting additional photos of yours truly and Christy, unless you’re considering to count Christy to be in several photos of my upcoming feminine makeover to begin August 16. But I know that hasn’t stopped the friends and fans from continuing to insist that the I be in five more photos with Christy before August to show for what my friends and fans on Facebook say are posting irregularities relating to wrong information. And while complaining, demanding, and rarely threats usually don’t have any positive effect beyond proving a point, the negative comments of the open relationship that was started by a disgruntled fan of yours truly within hours after I delcaed that I am in an open relationship last Wednesday has improbably continued to gain momentum headed into this week even as it’s become abundantly clear that Christy and I are in a relationship any way you look at it. The comments, which now sports more negative comments on Encyclopedia Dramatica, appears to be gaining momentum more rapidly this week than it was last month.

Again, while these kinds of negative comments tend to have little effect beyond being a statement unto themselves, this one has, if anything, clearly demonstrated the enthusiasm of my friends and fanbase.

Then again, someone has to be the person to take the photos of Christy and I. I’m pretty sure reactions from my Facebook and MySpace friends and fans have been sharply divided at the development:

  • “I guess people would like to see more photos of you and Christy together.” – Holly E.
  • “Aeverine Zinn has a girlfriend as a woman?!?!? YOU ARE F***ING CRAZY! I will NEVER, EVER, EVER follow you on Facebook again…and that is THAT!”
  • “Pretty sure having sex outside the relationship & swinging are up there pretty close together? Swinging is something you’d do together..sex outside surely isn’t..” – Karissa S.
  • “Doesn’t she work at Carey Services or one of the people who work at the group homoes in Marion and the other pic, you have the Christy Johnson doesn’t even look like this girl (referencing the difference between Christy as a blonde taken June 8 and another hair style July 7)? – Elicia B.
  • “I’m sure Christy will do wonders with Ava. Ava has been through far more worse that Christy. For Ava and Christy to fall into the relationship, says the chemistry has reached a good point when it’s all about personality and nothing about talent.”


And we apparently haven’t heard the last from my marriage conspiracy theorists (possibly from a disgruntled fan and that comment since been removed):

  • “I never realized what a s***ty s*********ic de*****al jenny Aeverine Zinn is! She does not deserve to be in a relationship”
  • “At some point the posting needs to be rationed to between Ava and this new slut and the friends, family, and fans need to see eye to eye (sort of). ”

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