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Posted By : Ava Zinn
Social Networking A Year Later…

It has been a year since joining the big three Social Networking sites on a professional basis and eventually on a personla basis. There have been some drawbacks, such as being unfriended and rejecting my friend requests by someone without an explanation, which is now a major pet peeve of mine. I was expected to have 200 Facebook or 30 MySpace friends on April 1, 2010.

Most of the so called “deadbests” are someone I went to school with. More recently, I’ve been praised that I have a good memory of people I went to school with.

There were some controvercial friend requests on Facebook and MySpace.Two such friend requests I reveived occured on Ava Nieves on Facebook 1.0 in October of 2009. Both those requests actually changed how I do business on Social Networking.

More recently most of my unfriends were caused by deactivation.

In November of last year, I upgraded to “Ava Nieves on Facebook 2.0” (worst case scenario, a second Facebook account) following too many unfriends and rejections of several individuals.That is when I began the crackdown of unfriending.

from my web site at Aeverine.info:

You received the friend request because you met one or more of the following eligibility requirements.