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2009: Ava's Year In Review

Since It’s January 4, 2010 and I’m 27, I thought it was appropriate to post the Year in review from January 4, 2009 to January 3, 2010. This goes to show that a person can start the year off bad and at the end of the year go on to be NoSirGifts Employee of the Year.

Please note I have mentioned some names that may ask me to remove the person.

Date Event
January 7 After 13 years, I cancel my subscription to Bright House Networks following the repercussions from the WISH-TV/Bright House Dispute that lead to WANE-TV dropped from the cable company three months earlier and later WPTA and WISE-TV almost a week earlier.
The cancellation of my cable TV subscription proved to be a mistake for Bright House (serving Marion, Gas City, and Jonesboro) and Comcast (serving Upland) as NoSirGifts begins to provide over-the-air outdoor antenna systems for affected subscribers in Grant County.

The last cable TV progam I watched on cable was a repeat of Dog The Bouty Hunter on A&E.

January 20 Just an hour after watching Barack Obama being sworn in as not only the 44th President of the United States–but also the first African American president ever to be inaugurated, I began working for Carey Services as a secondary job.
February 4 A transphobic from St. Martrin’s Community Center violated Indiana’s Transgender Law of 2004 by threatening to refuse my right to acquire a “gender transition-related tool” I use when I am unable to use the public restrooms specifically marked MEN or WOMEN. I was kicked out for 90 days (a similar incident happened at Homeland Mission over bread a year earlier).
March 3 What should have taken a few days actually took five months to finally watch WANE-TV (after several unsuccessful tries) and WPTA.

WANE-less drought ends after 151 days and the WPTA-less drought ends after just 62 days.

April 1 I joined Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Reports a few months later indicate that I’m pleased with early figures.
April 3 After nearly 24 years since watching Clyde Lee and Howard Caldwell anchor news on WRTV, I confronted a major pet peeve of mine and release the evidence on INNewsCenter on YouTube.
As a late April Fool’s Day joke, the day finally came at 6:00 AM on WXIN when Gene Cox was subbing for Angela Ganote.

This is no longer a major pet peeve.

April 23 Two damn good colleagues in the media department at NoSirGifts, Melvin Runecraft (of Milwaukee) and Robert Imperial (of Fort Wayne) alerted me to an illegal American Idol and Hell’s Kitchen gambling parlor. Several reporters from eight of the 11 NoSirGifts-owned Fox affiliates were suspended or/dismissed from their respective positions.
May 1 Dispute with St. Martins is resolved with yours truly drew up the “Aeverine Nieves Transgender Food Pantry Act” The Act allows a pre-operative transitioning transwoman individual to acquire urinary incontinence pads for M2F’s that cannot use the men’s or women’s restroom and no unisex restroom available.
May 15 Grant Blackford Mental Health officials make accusations that I have poor housekeeping skills. The accusations are eventually proven false.
May 24 Sevral NoSirGifts OTA users that switched from Bright House Networks to avoid the tape-delay of ABC’s coverage of the Indianapolis 500 on WRTV and wanted to watch the race live on WPTA were unable to do so, and were forced to watch the tape-delay on WRTV.
May 25 Just hours after watching the Indianapolis 500 live on WPTA at her mother’s home, Shushu died from oral cancer at the age of 9.
May 27 WFFT-less drought ends after 154 days and finally watch my ffirst WFFT 10PM newscast.
June 6 During my usual grocery shopping every 6th of the month, and on my way to the Marion South Lance’s New Market store, I was pulled over by a Marion police officer in an unmarked police car. Sammi was eventually arrested for DUI and disorderly conduct and I was not charged. Since Sammi was 15 at the time, I was held liable.
July 10 After a lockout of 280 days, INNewsCenter HD reopens the Fort Wayne section following the the Grant County repercussions of the WISH-TV/Bright House Dispute.

The WISE-TV-less drought ends after 198 days.

JULY 14 After lifting a 50 pound bag of bird seed, I suffered my second back injury in nine years. The last time was during my junior year in high school.
July 19 Just three months after joining Facebook, several individuals that met my requirements denied friend requests. The number of Facebook friend requests denied were at 60 and six people chose to unfriend. A proposal was made to combat the bad culture of Facebook and MySpace.
August 11 I decide to not allow employees of Grant Blackford Mental Health as Facebook and/or MySpace Friends. The decision would prove to be a bad move.
October 10 Samantha Rose, a classmate from the Mississinewa High School Class of 2001 and classmate at Indiana Wesleyan University,

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